Amp Protector

Amp Protector
Amp Protector
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Protect your valuable amplifier from higher than normal voltage in the mains supply.

When mains supply voltage goes too high or too low, the Amp Protector cuts the supply before damage can occur, thus avoids the inconvenience of expensive repairs.

The unit simply sits in the mains line before the amp. If the supply voltage goes too high, or low, the unit cuts the supply to the amp before any damage can be done. 
Anyone who has played in small village halls or outside functions with fluctuating mains or badly operated generators will know the damage that can result in over voltage! If you look at the front panel, you will see there is a digital readout showing the incoming voltage and a bar of bright LEDs that show you from a distance that all is well (or not as the case may be!)

At the end of the day, as amps get more and more expensive, this becomes a handy insurance policy! As far as BM fans are concerned, one of these units will happily protect all three AC30’s.

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