KAT V-Booster-Pro (Hand Wired)

KAT V-Booster-Pro (Hand Wired)
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“A Dual format Booster pedal with a difference!” (Photograph for illustrative purposes only)

The first stage of this unit is a Treble Booster comprising a gain control and footswitch. The TB is effectively a Deluxe with added gain. The second stage however, is a booster circuit with a variable notch filter inserted into its negative feedback chain which, when inverted, provides a narrow band peak. This peak is both variable in frequency and width/prominence, so could be regarded somewhere between a parametric EQ and a wah. This second stage can therefore add an additional 10dB of frequency relative gain to your tone at the kick of a footswitch. This is perfect for ensuring solos cut through mixes without the need for huge amounts of added volume!

Designed for all types of guitars and amps.

Peak frequency control (V-Freq)

Peak Width/Prominence control (V-Girth)

Treble Booster Gain control (T-Gain)
Peak Boost Gain Control (V-Boost)
Bulgin battery compartment for easy replacement of battery

Additional 'DC Adaptor' battery drawer may be purchased to enable the unit to be powered externally.

TB and Filter Boost True Bypass footswitches with LED status

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