Peter's Rack System

Peter came to us for a solution to many of his rig problems. He was experiencing poor quality audio, hum on the amps and Midi switching issues that were sporadic in nature and cuasing the overall rig to be un-reliable. The last thing you want when you are playing venues the size Peter does.

As with all our large systems, the idea starts from a simple conversation, often at a bar or in a hotel lounge and normally involving copius amounts of alcohol! I seem to have cultivated the rather envious moniker of 'Mr Fix-it' to a large number of folk in the music industry, which is good, but sometimes you just want to sit there, have a laugh and get drunk with the rest rather than trying to sort everones audio and Midi issues by way of discussion alone! In this instance though, Peter did need help with his rig, so it was time to slow down on the drinking and listen to what he had to say..

My early advice to any prospective client is this: Think long and hard about exactly what you want this system do do. Not just today or tomorrow, but in five years, or even ten years! The system will be built like a tank and even with severe abuse will still be there in ten years, so you may as well consider it's long-term usage rather than just the immediate. These systems are not cheap either, so making sure you are still able to use them many years down the line means you are still getting value for money. 

It's amazing how this changes the 'wish-list' and design of the unit over the first few weeks. Many people don't know what can actually be achieved when you build bespoke systems like these. Most still have their heads in pedals or pedal-boards with loads of cables and noisy power banks etc. Once we start chatting about what could be included, it opens the door for them and allows them to start thinking for the future. I really like to make sure all our clients have systems that pretty much tick all the current and future boxes.

So, what started off as a reliable Midi switcher and router ended up having an in-built and heavily modified CE-1 Chorus as well as fully transformer isolated Amp and tuner outputs, all with mutes and with all switching, routing and G-Major commands accomplished by Midi from Peter's Behringer Midi pedal.


The unit was able to take inputs from either the Line6 Wireless system, or, a lead input. The choice between which controlled via the Midi floor unit.

So, the clever part of this system is that Peter can program an almost infinate number of pre-set scenarios and patches from the floor board. 

Peter on stage with his rig behind him.

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