Tom's Titanic Tone Tinkering Thingumybob!

Tom's system is, as are most of our bespoke creations, a bit of a one-off! He wanted a system that could split and route the audio to three AC30's and a Deacy Amp, switch in a modified internal Foxx Phaser when required, and switch between four styles of Treble Booster that could also be pre-set on the front panel of the rack unit. Add to this a switchable effects loop and twin Midi-controlled G-Major effects units, all of which are controlled by a remote floorboard that has no audio passing through it at all, and you start to get the picture!..

But hey, this is KAT and like Bob the Builder, when faced with the question, "can you build this", the answer is pretty-much always a resounding yes!

The floor board then, is crafted from folded mild steel with internal strengthening gussets welded inside. It's lightweight, but you can stand on it and it will take your weight. The placement and layout designs are initially proposed by me, then 'adjusted' by the client to his or hers taste and operational needs. All the buttons have LED feedback. A 10m multicore cable connects the floorboard back to the main rack system.

Pretty much all our rack units are built into a 2U enclosure. They may vary in depth due to the amount of boards that have to be housed inside, but I have yet to need more than 2U to fit everythuing in..

In this unit, we decided to make the front panel circuit board the main mother board, which, in turn, supported the four Treble Booster boards and all their switching and routing circuits. This unit also features a High Z input for his acoustic guitar, which once passed via the switching systems goes straight to a balancing amp that spits out pro-level balanced audio that can feed straight into a desk. The preamp section for the acoustic input also resides on the front panel.

All four amp outputs and G-Major sends and returns are transformer isolated and floating, thus ensuring minimal hum and noise pick-up. The balanced inputs from the radio units are handled by differential line recievers. The etire system is set-up such that it offers zero insertion or system gain. What goes in, comes out the same level, even if it's by way of a radio system.

It's certainly a great sounding and very versatile rig..

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