KAT Deacy Splitter

KAT Deacy Splitter
KAT Deacy Splitter
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The Deacy Splitter Unit has been designed for Thomas Kohler, who runs two Deacy Amps in tandem. He originally wanted a simple splitter unit to drive his two Deacy Amps, but, as most people know, you can't drive a Deacy Amp from a standard low impedance source as the unit overdives and over-distorts, so standard off-the-shelf splitters simply will not work (and do not work). So, the Deacy Splitter was born. We developed the unit further so that it featured a fully buffered FX send driver and buffered stereo FX returns, so that stereo effects units such as the TC G-Major or just simple mono-dry/FX-wet units like the Boss CE-1 or similar can be used to widen the overall image.

The unit also features independant mute footswitches (with Led status) for both outputs in order facillitate A/B or A+B routing. In additon, Deacy output '1' is fitted with a phase inversion switch, whilst Deacy output '2' is fitted with an earth-lift switch, so pretty much all bases are covered when it comes to connectability and set-up.  

The unit is mains powered with an integral IEC fused socket.

These units are built to order, so please email for details. 

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