KAT TB-Pro Twin

KAT TB-Pro Twin
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The KAT TB-Pro Twin - Two TB-Pro’s cascaded in one box!

Designed with all electric guitarists in mind and featuring the TB Pro’s unique 12 position rotary input tone controls which select from a preset range of input capacitors and volume controls, this unit is an exceptionally versatile way to get the most out of your valve amp. From a thin treble boost all the way through to a fat and flat response 37.5dB  gain booster, the TB-Pro Twin will push any valve amp into smooth distortion at the kick of a stomp switch. Then, Kick-in the second stage for added gain (up to 37.5dB), volume or presence when it’s time to take centre stage for that crucial solo.

Other features include status LED’s and Bulgin battery box for easy battery change. It should be noted that whilst the printed label indicates the location of a DC socket, these will not be present on the current units, but will be introduced at a later date.

Please note that these are hand-built units to order. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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