Simon Bradley's TB-Pro Special.

Simon had been through the wars with his cancer treatment, so I offered to build him a TB-Pro to hopefully, cheer him up a little. I asked him if there was anything specific he needed or, more importantly, wanted with regards to the units look and functionality.. He came back with something along the lines of, it would be great if the DC connector was on the top, or the other side and, nice, bright, vivdid colours.. So, the DC connector on the opposite side meant that I would also have to move the footswitch and battery box across, so that meant I could no longer use the standard machined boxes and would have to modify one by hand. Not a problem.. As for the vivid and bright clours, well, as the unit was basically going to be a mirrored version of the production model, the standard black overlay was clearly not going to work, so I set about designing him something special..

I ordered a nice bright yellow box from Hammond and machined it to take all the relevant parts (in the right order Eric!) The polycarb overlay was printed, mounted and edged and the final touches added. Simon was not using this with the requisite Vox AC30 amp, so I sneaked an HF trim pot inside that was accessible via 'Simon's Hole', just in case the tone was a little too shrill..

I think the unit looks fab and certainly gets the message across with little in the way of ambiguity!..

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