The Mighty Morgan Splitter

Mr Morgan, asked me if it would be easy for him to build himself a decent splitter unit as the one he had was, well, crap!! (and sucked tone aparenty!... a bit of a no-no in splitter world!). I explained that, with no disrespect to his electronic capabilities, at all, it would be a lot easier and sound a lot better if I designed and built him one!.. I love Andrew dearly and he's getting quite handy with a soldering iron when it comes to minor guitar repairs and cable building, but even he'd admit to the fact that he ain't an electronics designer or builder and certainly nowhere near 'guru' status just yet, so best to leave the clever stuff to Nige!

Basically, Andrew wanted a switchable splitter that could route his guitar signal either to the Top Boost channel of his AC30 or, to the Normal channel of the amp at the same time as an effects unit that will give the stereo chorus and delays required by the flanking amps. He also wanted it to be mains powered rather than battery and robust.

The Mighty Morgan was born...

On top of Andrew's verbal spec. I also added a full-time tuner output and a global mute button that kills the signal dead whilst you tune.

As always, there is a lot of stuff that has to go inside one of these 'simple' switchers. Especially as all the outputs are transformer isolated and floating, even the tuner, so hum is reduced to almost zero.

The theme then. There always has to be a theme right?... Well, he's Welsh and very proud of it, so I figured this design would suit him down to the ground...

No more tone sucking for Mr Morgan then!..

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